Periodic table of SEO Ranking factors: 2013 Edition straight from SMX Advanced Seattle

Good morning fellows, I am Siddharth and I am at SMX Advanced Seattle, 2013. I am just going to tell you about one of the sessions covered at SMX Advanced – The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors: 2013 Edition. The session was moderated by Danny Sullivan and it had people like Matthew Peters from SEOmoz, Jenny Halasz from Archology, Marcus Tober from Searchmetrics and Eric Enge from Stone Temple. It was an excellent session.
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Mobile Internet Usage

Forget desktops and laptops, a new wave is sweeping India. According to Mobile statistics available, there will be 130 million mobile phone internet users in India by 2013! This number is expected to breach the 165 million mark by 2015! Here are some more amazing statistics. Some 83% of mobile phone internet users are using it to access their email, 77% to log on to social media sites, while 65% are using it for chatting purposes. About 29% of the users are using it to watch videos, 28% for the news, while 24% use it for gathering cricketing info. All these speak volumes for India on the move.
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Internet Usage Statistics of India

I have always found that search for numbers about the Indian digital industry is a hard task. Especially because there are so many different versions (some outdated) and sometimes you need to go to a few different sources to dig out the numbers you are after. As such I thought it would be a good idea to create a simple to understand infographic which could give users a complete snapshot in one place. I have compiled these figures based on a number of digital marketing forums that I have attended and also on the basis of reports I have read about this industry. I will try to update this infographic on a bi-annual basis so that we can use this as a ready reckoner. Feel free to download this infographic. I just ask that you link back to as the source.
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Bollywood Movie Magic – Rockstar vs Ra One

Well we keep on doing posts on stuff about SEO, Digital Marketing, Infographics as well as Mobile Optimization. This time we thought of doing our latest infographic on something fun and probably a little off topic.  With Bollywood movies being a big industry (estimated to be USD 4 billion), it’s a hard thing to ignore, right?
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Mobile Website Design Optimization Rules of Thumb!

The smart phone revolution is truly upon us, and for those companies that haven’t engaged in planning their mobile website, this is a wake-up call. Today, smart phones have become an extension of the desktop experience. Let me present some interesting trivia via the graphic below, to get you thinking about your mobile business strategy.
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