Bollywood Movie Magic – Rockstar vs Ra One

Well we keep on doing posts on stuff about SEO, Digital Marketing, Infographics as well as Mobile Optimization. This time we thought of doing our latest infographic on something fun and probably a little off topic.  With Bollywood movies being a big industry (estimated to be USD 4 billion), it’s a hard thing to ignore, right?

Rockstar vs Ra.One

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All this got us thinking about comparing two movies to find out which trumps which. We have taken the Ranbir Kapoor starrer Rockstar and compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra One infographic style.  Although we have visually represented some pretty interesting factoids, we have summarized below some interesting tidbits about how similar and how different Rockstar and Ra One really are.

Social and Digital Media

The age of the internet is truly upon us with India pushing 100 million internet users. Seems like bollywood has woken up to this fact and both movies have used social and digital media extensively to promote the films.


  • In terms of “people liking” the Rockstar Fan Page, they have 263,238 fans . Ra.One on the other hand has 350, 420 “people liking” the Fan Page
  • In terms of “people talking” about Rockstar, there are 80,198.
    Ra.One surprisingly falls behind with only 11,783 “people talking” about it
  • In terms of people “Liking” Ranbir Kapoor we have 2,510,555. SRK on the other hand falls behind again surprisingly with only 2,240,707 people “Liking” him.

So who wins this round?

The underdog Rockstar trumps Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One in the Facebook battle walking away with more people talking about the movie as well as Ranbir Kapoor.  Of course we would love to hear what the king Khan would say about that. We think it would still be something on lines of “facebook doesn’t matter, I am King Khan”.


No bollywood movie is complete without a standout music track or some catchy foot tapping songs. In the case of Rockstar, being something of a musical, it featured the popular youth anthem “Saadda Haq” as its main Rocking song composed by the maestro A.R. Rehman.  Ra.One however, went the way of “Chammak Challo” sung by international singer Akon and composed by the duo Vishal & Shekhar.

So who wins this round?
Well, it seems like King Khan Sweeps this round pretty comprehensively with “Chammak Challo” getting 4,379,907 views as opposed to “Saadda Haq” managing only 1,402,378 views.  We think that Kareena Kapoor’s sizzling dance and Akon’s powerful singing was the secret weapon.

Budget & Collection

This is important because a movie should make money too, right?  The Rockstar movie was made on a budget of 60 crore and managed to recover its making cost within just 2 weeks collecting 63.50 crore. Ra.One was made at a colossal budget of 135 crores and in a run of more than 4 weeks at the box office, collected 200 crores.

So who wins this round?
It’s hard to compare Rockstar Vs Ra.One in this segment since the time periods are unequal.. However, assuming that Rockstar continues to pull-in business at the same rate, after 4 weeks it should have about 112 crores of box office collections.  That would still fall short of Ra.One in terms of revenue, so Ra.One clinches this round as well.

Fun Facts about Rockstar (Things you didn’t know)

  • Rockstar had the second largest opening after Sallu starrer “Ready” with first day collections of US$ 2.03 million.
  • Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore contributed the most to the 2 week collections of US$12.88 million
  • Rockstar was released across 2,500 screens and ran around 14 to 15 shows in a day

Fun Facts about Ra.One (Things you didn’t know)

  • Ra One’s team created  an Official customized YouTube channel which was the first for an Indian film
  • Shah Rukh Khan unveiled the first look of the film Ra.One on twitter
  • Red Chillies Entertainment (SRK’s Film Production Company) did a viral marketing campaign to promote the Ra One film online.
  • Ra One set a record marketing budget of US$10.55 million of which US$3.04 million was used for online promotion.

Conclusion of the Rockstar vs Ra One Battle

It’s been a tightly fought battle between Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar and Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One, but after Rockstar only wins the Facebook category loosing the YouTube and the Box Office category. Our take is that Rockstar is for niche audiences with its unconventional storyline and sterling acting performances.  Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero movie Ra.One tries to please the masses and to a certain extent does it pretty well. With the massive record budget Ra.One was produced with, it paves the way for more ambitious movie projects being made in Bollywood.

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