Interview with Gary Illyes – Google Webmaster Trend Analyst

In 2018 I had the opportunity to interview Google Webmaster Trend Analyst, Gary Illyes in Delhi, India. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to transcribing the interview and publishing it until now. Better late than never!

Siddharth Lal: E-Commerce sites tend to have 100 of pages of product listing for a particular product. Would you recommend pagination versus read more

Ecommerce In Australia: Statistics & Trends- Forward Marketing Summit, Sydney

Ecommerce is the main accelerator of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) around the globe and it’s no wonder. With the world becoming more and more connected digitally and traditional shopping practices failing to fit in with busy modern lifestyles, shopping for goods, from food to clothes, technology and beyond has moved more and more into the digital realm. In 2020, global revenue from ecommerce read more

How Much Content is Generated Online in a Minute, a Day and a Year?

Content is king, but the way we search for content has remained mostly unchanged for two decades. In the year 2000, the front page of Google showed 10 links, and with the exception of some rich media links like videos and featured snippets, the front page still shows 10 links.

While the way search results are shown hasn’t changed, the amount of data created online, and the sheer amount of content read more

The SEO Impact of Plagiarism and Duplicated Content

While it may not necessarily be a scam, per-se, plagiarism and duplicated can have a marked effect on SEO and website performance.

As smart as search algorithms are, they have their limitations, especially when it comes to discerning the originality and authenticity of web content. When Google, Bing or any other search engine trawls the web and finds a number of sites containing the same content, read more

Compress Images to Optimise Site Speed and Get SEO Ranking Benefits

Video Tutorial: Identifying and Compressing Large Images

When building websites or uploading content, people have a habit of simply uploading images without thinking about how the size of an image may affect the speed of their site.

While source images may be large and of high resolution or DPI, in a web environment, such large images are rarely required. High resolution or DPI images are only useful for print purposes. This needs to be taken into account read more

How to Do a Google Reverse Image Search

Google is one of the most powerful tools available to us when it comes to marketing and brand awareness, but the search engine can also be a powerful tool when it comes to protecting yourself online, thanks, in no small part, to the ability to reverse search images. Much like a text search, a reverse image search used a key image to search through all the pictures indexed on the search engine to read more

How to Use SEMrush to Analyse Organic Traffic

Video Tutorial: How to Use SEMRush

In this example we are using the website and using SEMrush we will be looking at insights that will help us understand the domain better. When you put the domain into the URL bar there are two things you have to pay attention to – the first being that the page is Domain Overview, and the second being that you have selected the right database to crawl for analysis. In the case of, read more

15 Google Search Tips, Tricks & Advanced Search Operators That Will Change the Way You Search

It’s a simple fact of life that Google has become an integral part of how we look for and receive information. The search engine has permeated nearly every walk of life – we use it to research what we’re going to eat, where we’re going to go, what is on TV or at the movies, and we even use it to cheat. Go to any pub trivia and you will see people sneaking a look at their read more

How to Improve On Page SEO Using the Bruce Clay SEOToolSet [Video]

SEOTOOLSET is the proprietary SEO suite of Bruce Clay. While the software has a number of different tools useful for website analysis, we’re going to focus on one specific tool, the Single Page Analyzer.

Video Tutorial: How to Use SEOToolSet Single Page Analyzer

As the name suggests, the single Page Analyzer only looks at a single page rather than a whole website, making it invaluable for helping to understand the usage of keywords on the page being analysed, read more

How to Analyse Your Site with Majestic Backlink Tracker

One of the key indicators of a site’s success is how well and frequently other sites link to it. Outside of Google, Majestic has created the largest link intelligence database, and can give you great insight not only into your own website’s popularity but also the popularity of your competitor websites.

Tutorial Video: How to Use Majestic Backlink Checker

Analysing Backlinking

The first step to analysing the backlinking of a site is to copy the URL of the site in read more

Life Lessons from TedX FMS Delhi

As many of the attendees of my 2018 TedX FMS Delhi talk were young and just launching into their careers, I completed my presentation with some advice I had accrued over my life.

Don’t Procrastinate

Life moves fast and if you want to get the most out of it, you need to move fast as well. You should definitely make time for yourself so you can relax, but don’t put off anything you want to accomplish. Whether it’s read more

Digital Marketing TED Talk: TEDxFMS Delhi

I grew up in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. Imagine my life, then, as I travelled to Australia for my higher education, going from a city of 20 million to a small town, Richmond (just outside Sydney) in Australia with a population of 5483 people. By five in the afternoon life would come to a standstill. There was not much to do but that was a blessing in disguise, as I discovered the Computer Centre read more

Top 3 Learnings from SMX Advanced, Seattle, June 2013

Hi this is Siddharth reporting in from SMX Advanced in Seattle. I am here at the Bell Harbour convention center which you can see in the background. It’s a beautiful spot for an absolutely fantastic SEO conference. I have got the whole water front behind me as you can see it is an absolutely amazing location. Let me turn the camera around and you can see the absolutely beautiful views, the mountains are out there in the distance.

Good Bye Los Angeles, Simi Valley- Back to India

All right its Friday 21st June & I have had a fantastic two week trip to the US. It’s nice & sunny outside and I am on my way back to Delhi, good old Delhi. The trip was great because there was a lot of SEO learnings both from the time spent at the SMX conference in Seattle as well as the week I spent at the Bruce Clay office in Simi Valley California.

Authorship: The Deep Dive- SMX Advanced June 2013

Hi Folks, this is Siddharth coming LIVE out of SMX Advanced June 2013. This session on Authorship: The Deep Dive. Session was by John Carcutt (Director of SEO at Advanced Digital), Janet Miller (CEO at Search Mojo), Mitul Gandhi (Chief Architect SEO Clarity) & Mark Traphagen (Director of Digital Outreach at Virante).

From Microdata & Schema to Rich Snippets: Markup for the Advanced SEO

Hi everyone, this is Siddharth and I am back Live from Seattle SMX West. This session is about microdata & rich snippets and their ability to boost click thru rates (CTR). The speakers are, Julia Gause (Director SEM at Scripps Network), Stephan Spencer (CEO at Koshkonong LLC) & Marcus Tober (CTO at Searchmetrics).

Periodic table of SEO Ranking factors: 2013 Edition straight from SMX Advanced Seattle

Good morning fellows, I am Siddharth and I am at SMX Advanced Seattle, 2013. I am just going to tell you about one of the sessions covered at SMX Advanced – The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors: 2013 Edition. The session was moderated by Danny Sullivan and it had people like Matthew Peters from SEOmoz, Jenny Halasz from Archology, Marcus Tober from Searchmetrics and Eric Enge from Stone Temple. It was an excellent session.