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Forget desktops and laptops, a new wave is sweeping India. According to Mobile statistics available, there will be 130 million mobile phone internet users in India by 2013! This number is expected to breach the 165 million mark by 2015! Here are some more amazing statistics. Some 83% of mobile phone internet users are using it to access their email, 77% to log on to social media sites, while 65% are using it for chatting purposes. About 29% of the users are using it to watch videos, 28% for the news, while 24% use it for gathering cricketing info. All these speak volumes for India on the move.

Some 17% are using it for e ticketing purposes, 16% for e banking, this means that a huge amount of people are realizing the power and convenience of using their mobile phones internet connectivity. The small screen is turning big!
As for expenses, persons who are paying an average Rs. 460 per month on mobile phone bills are paying Rs. 198 for Internet charges. 50% of these users are paying an average internet bill between Rs101 to Rs 500 while 8% are paying up to Rs.1000. These numbers are rising steadily.
In mobile advertising, browser based advertisements grabbed the lions share with 75% of the revenue, while In- Apps advertising gets 20%. These rest 5% came from SMS advertisements.
Mobile Ad spend is also expected to grow at 40%, giving marketers a field day and the economy of India a big boost. Ad spend on mobile internet is supposed to touch Rs 230 crores in 2013. As for Ad revenue, 53% came from classifieds while only 4% came from online ads in 2012. Previously, Mobile ad revenue had jumped from Rs 90 crore in 2011, to Rs 105 crore in 2012 showing an increase of 17%.
Since 2010, searches on the internet from mobile phones have increased four fold already which means online shopping (and offline due to research online) is set to rise phenomenally; giving value for money to mobile ad spends.
The number of active mobile connections in India has already crossed 914 million, and rising steadily. Most new purchasers of connections are already aware of the value of internet connectivity on mobile handsets. This is in league with the fact that Google has shown a 280% growth, year on year, on mobile search on the internet.
Mobile phones are indeed making internet connectivity reach a new high due to their small size and ease of use. And, their numbers are growing at lightning pace!
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