Good Bye Los Angeles, Simi Valley- Back to India

All right its Friday 21st June & I have had a fantastic two week trip to the US. It’s nice & sunny outside and I am on my way back to Delhi, good old Delhi. The trip was great because there was a lot of SEO learnings both from the time spent at the SMX conference in Seattle as well as the week I spent at the Bruce Clay office in Simi Valley California.

Take aways include a lot of new SEO tools that the team has been working with as well as exciting new developments
in our own proprietary SEO Toolset. We have a new version of the SEO Toolset coming out in the final quarter of the year. The update will include data from Majestic SEO so I am really looking forward to it.

Well this is the limo that i am in. As you can see there are drinks available for those who want to indulge in a limo party. But I am way too excited for that as I am on my way back home with a list of things I can do for our clients in India.

This is Siddharth signing out from sunny Simi Valley, LA, California.

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