Top 3 Learnings from SMX Advanced, Seattle, June 2013

Hi this is Siddharth reporting in from SMX Advanced in Seattle. I am here at the Bell Harbour convention center which you can see in the background. It’s a beautiful spot for an absolutely fantastic SEO conference. I have got the whole water front behind me as you can see it is an absolutely amazing location. Let me turn the camera around and you can see the absolutely beautiful views, the mountains are out there in the distance.

I wanted to quickly run through the top 3 learnings from this conference.

First is micro data and rich snippets we need to look at it more closely. Google has started to add this in to the display of results and lots of research supporting that CTR’s are going up by 20 to 30 percent by adding rich snippets. Rich snippets include stuff like reviews, ratings, breadcrumbs etc. For more info look at
Second is the author markup, which is also boosting CTR tremendously.
Third was point brought up my Matt Cutts, that is, Mobile. Mobile users are growing exponentially. Mobile according to Google is growing much faster than anyone predicted and SEOs and web masters need to look at their analytics to see how many people are coming through mobiles. Are you giving them a good user experience? Do you have mobile optimized web sites and are you doing right things from a mobile perspective. Do not redirect your users who are accessing the site from a mobile device to the home page of your mobile site. Rather the visitors need to be sent directly to the the page they are looking for.

So that is it from me Siddharth from SMX Advanced Seattle, 2013!

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