How to Improve On Page SEO Using the Bruce Clay SEOToolSet [Video]

SEOTOOLSET is the proprietary SEO suite of Bruce Clay. While the software has a number of different tools useful for website analysis, we’re going to focus on one specific tool, the Single Page Analyzer.

Video Tutorial: How to Use SEOToolSet Single Page Analyzer

SEOToolSet is the proprietary SEO suite developed and used by Bruce Clay

As the name suggests, the single Page Analyzer only looks at a single page rather than a whole website, making it invaluable for helping to understand the usage of keywords on the page being analysed, as well as title tags, meta descriptions and keywords, headings and other factors that may be affecting your site’s overall performance.

A general overview of page content and recommendation for optimisation

The general summary gives a dashboard overview of the page, showing page topics, links (internal and external) and recommendations for optimising or fixing the page.


An overview of keyword frequency on the analysed page
A topographical keyword map shows frequency and proximity of usage to other keywords

The Keywords tab shows the keywords used on the page by frequency as well as a topographical map of keywords showing their frequency and proximity in relation to each other. Invisible parts of the page, such a title and meta tags are included in the keyword analysis.

Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords and Headings

Tag Information covers many of the “invisible” parts of a web page, such as meta-keywords and descriptions

The Tag Information tab shows how tags are used on the page – Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Heading and the like. These are some of the most important factors to get right if you want your site to rank well. As you can see from the screenshot, team-bhp has the word Home preceding their actual title, muddying a title search. From a coding perspective, the title is the most important part of the page as it tells Google (and other search engines) what the webpage is about. The first word of the title being Home is not at all indicative that is an Indian car website.

The Single Page Analyzer also shows that the page has no Meta Description or Meta Keywords and that the Canonical page is wrong. These problems are relatively easy fixes now that they have been identified.

A blank main heading limits search parameters

Similarly the Tag information shows the headings on the page and in this case there is a major problem. <h1> is the main heading for the page and it is blank.

Speed Analysis and Optimisation

Red means bad

SEOToolSet Single Page Analyzer can also be used to analyse page speed, giving suggestions on how to optimise the site for better performance. Image compression is an invaluable tool for optimising images for UX and SEO.

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