Link Building Tools and Tactics

I made this presentation about a year ago during the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference at New Delhi in December 2012. The topic is “Link Building Tool and Tactics” and is a very valid topic in light of Google’s ongoing war on spam.


Around the world SEO agencies in India are popular mainly for link building. Even after Google came out with the Penguin update that penalized low quality links which impacted a huge number of websites yet we still regularly come across emails from SEO agencies offering this service. I am sure if you own a website then you too get these kind of emails offering X number of links for a fixed amount.

Even though Google has updated its algorithm to fight link spam however links remain an important currency for any website. We know even in today’s environment links work in propelling your website towards the coveted #1 ranking in SERPS.

To check how true this is just type the query “Click Here” into Google. What website do you think ranks #1 for this query? It is “Adobe” but they haven’t used “click here” in the content of the page. So how do they rank for this term? It is because they provide software like “Adobe Flash Player”, “Adobe Reader” etc. In case you don’t have this software on your computer and you try to open a document that needs this software to read a program then the message you get is: “To download Adobe Flash Player Click Here”.
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Top 3 Learnings from SMX Advanced, Seattle, June 2013

Hi this is Siddharth reporting in from SMX Advanced in Seattle. I am here at the Bell Harbour convention center which you can see in the background. It’s a beautiful spot for an absolutely fantastic SEO conference. I have got the whole water front behind me as you can see it is an absolutely amazing location. Let me turn the camera around and you can see the absolutely beautiful views, the mountains are out there in the distance.

I wanted to quickly run through the top 3 learnings from this conference.

First is micro data and rich snippets we need to look at it more closely. Google has started to add this in to the display of results and lots of research supporting that CTR’s are going up by 20 to 30 percent by adding rich snippets. Rich snippets include stuff like reviews, ratings, breadcrumbs etc. For more info look at
Second is the author markup, which is also boosting CTR tremendously.
Third was point brought up my Matt Cutts, that is, Mobile. Mobile users are growing exponentially. Mobile according to Google is growing much faster than anyone predicted and SEOs and web masters need to look at their analytics to see how many people are coming through mobiles. Are you giving them a good user experience? Do you have mobile optimized web sites and are you doing right things from a mobile perspective. Do not redirect your users who are accessing the site from a mobile device to the home page of your mobile site. Rather the visitors need to be sent directly to the the page they are looking for.
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Good Bye Los Angeles, Simi Valley- Back to India

All right its Friday 21st June & I have had a fantastic two week trip to the US. It’s nice & sunny outside and I am on my way back to Delhi, good old Delhi. The trip was great because there was a lot of SEO learnings both from the time spent at the SMX conference in Seattle as well as the week I spent at the Bruce Clay office in Simi Valley California.

Take aways include a lot of new SEO tools that the team has been working with as well as exciting new developments in our own proprietary SEO Toolset. We have a new version of the SEO Toolset coming out in the final quarter of the year. The update will include data from Majestic SEO so I am really looking forward to it.

Well this is the limo that i am in. As you can see there are drinks available for those who want to indulge in a limo party. But I am way too excited for that as I am on my way back home with a list of things I can do for our clients in India.

This is Siddharth signing out from sunny Simi Valley, LA, California.

Authorship: The Deep Dive- SMX Advanced June 2013

Hi Folks, this is Siddharth coming LIVE out of SMX Advanced June 2013. This session on Authorship: The Deep Dive. Session was by John Carcutt (Director of SEO at Advanced Digital), Janet Miller (CEO at Search Mojo), Mitul Gandhi (Chief Architect SEO Clarity) & Mark Traphagen (Director of Digital Outreach at Virante).

Starting with Mitul, he talks about the rise of Google Plus. He Says 30 % of all keywords that they sampled (they took a data set of over 1 million keywords), had authorship markup.

As an aside, I am actually very surprised with this data and feel that Mitul’s data set was skewed as the SERPS I see in India there is no way more than 2% of them would have author markup. Maybe certain industries might go up to 15% but there is no way that it would be 30%.

Anyway coming back to authorship markup. He says clickiness matters. They did an experiment, they took a site which was ranking on 3rd position for a keyword and prior to the implementation of the author markup if the CTR was say 3% and once they implemented the author markup, it didn’t influence ranking yet the CTR doubled. So essentially he is saying that the site remained on the 3rd position but the CTR doubled so if it was 3% it went to 6% .

So this is massive from a traffic perspective. So if you think about it all that has happened is an image has been added to the description snippet that appears in Google search results and this increases CTR massively. He also says ecommerce companies haven’t implemented this & need to take advantage of this. One way to do this would be to tie this with content on ecommerce sites. Think blogs!

Mark Traphagen from Virante comes about, he runs the biggest authorship community on Google Plus and he also confirms that CTR increases significantly when authorship markup is implemented. He ays Google plus profiles, communities and pages all have pagerank. Research that he did shows that getting a link from Google Plus is like getting a link from a website. Continue reading “Authorship: The Deep Dive- SMX Advanced June 2013”

From Microdata & Schema to Rich Snippets: Markup for the Advanced SEO

Hi everyone, this is Siddharth and I am back Live from Seattle SMX West. This session is about microdata & rich snippets and their ability to boost click thru rates (CTR). The speakers are, Julia Gause (Director SEM at Scripps Network), Stephan Spencer (CEO at Koshkonong LLC) & Marcus Tober (CTO at Searchmetrics).

Essentially all of them were mainly talking about the fact that rich snippets have the ability to increase your CTR massively. Julia works with the network. She says that they have used rich snippets like reviews, rating etc to boost their site traffic immensely. She says rich snippets work & if the audience wants to take their site to the next level then implementing rich snippets is a must.

Stehphan Spencer uses as an example and shows they have implemented video markup.
Go to this link from Google for more information on video markup

Stephan tells the audience that there are 3 ways of implementing rich snippets. You can markup with Yahoo! SearchMonkey, you can do it through and you can also do it through Facebook markup. is the one which most people are inclining towards as it is easy to follow and it was invented by the search engines. But you can use any of the 3 ways described above.

The most important rich snippets you need to leverage specifically are breadcrumbs, reviews and ratings. He believes these are the top 3 although you could also use product offers and events. Actually there are lots of them. He also mentions the Google Data Highlighter which is a new introduction by Google and can be found in Google Webmaster Tools.

Marcus Tober also talks about examples of IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes and how each of them have added rich snippets. So folks again rich snippets was the main focus of this session.

More information about rich snippets and structured data can be found in Google Webmaster Tools: